The school of Martyr Soleimani

The school of Martyr Soleimani is an operational school.

His school is the emergence of a good word.

Martyr Soleimani school has logic and philosophy and has style and rules.

Two important elements in the Soleimani school, one is the ruling of the guardian and the other is collective rationality.

In no operation did he act only on the classical hierarchy and always paid special attention to these two elements.

The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards during the time of the Qods Defense said:

“Doing the divine duty is the main characteristic of the school of Martyr Soleimani.”

The training of managers in this school starts from jihad with the soul.

Contrary to other theories that anyone who dominates time can dominate the world, the school of Martyr Soleimani is based on the belief that anyone who can manage himself can manage the world.

Today we have entered a new era and man is not irrigated by miraculous teachings and purely human schools.

Today, man and the world need a new order and human beings are looking for this new order.

The phenomenon of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, the Supreme Leader and the school of Martyr Soleimani have a great impact in introducing and creating a new order beyond the Western and Eastern models.

This idea and school can contribute to the new world order, and we must convey the main message of this school to the world, and we hope that it will be accepted by God and the martyrs.

It should be noted that severe retaliation against US forces in the region has begun but not ended.

Haj Qasem has not been avenged until the United States withdraws from the region.

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